10K Race Details

Experience the exhilarating Anjaneri Ultra Trail, spanning 10 km, commencing from the scenic Eco Resort Grape County. The race sets off at the break of dawn, precisely at 6:00 am. Participants are advised to diligently follow the well-marked path, encompassing both roads and trails.

Embarking on your journey, you’ll traverse towards the Trimbakeshwar Nashik Highway until you arrive at Beze Phata. Continuing along this route, it will lead you to the serene Viveda Wellness Retreat. A left turn from here guides you directly to the picturesque Beze dam. Embolden your spirit by circumnavigating the entirety of the dam’s perimeter, then retrace your steps to the Viveda Wellness Retreat.

From this point, immerse yourself in the captivating trail running experience, starting from the foot of the ridges. Embrace the challenge as you complete the invigorating loop amidst the natural splendor. Your triumphant conclusion awaits back at the Eco Resort Grape County, where the finish line eagerly beckons.

  1. To participate the runner needs to be 18 completed and above or shall complete 18 before the 5th of November.
  2. To be accepted in any category of the trial running you should fill its respective form.
  3. The registration fees will offer you a T-shirt ,certificate, bib number, timing chip and the required first aid.
  4. The runner needs to complete the race at the expected duration.
  5. The medical team will be provided if any emergency takes place.
  6. The physiotherapist will be present at the checkpoint.
  7. Hydration points will be present for food, hydration and medical kit etc.
  8. Locker facilities and bag counters will be provided by taking a token number.