Nashik is an ancient holy city of Maharashtra known for its mythological link in Ramayan. Nashik is also known for its mountains and forts that surrounds the city beautifully. The Western Ghats ranges stretches from the North to the South across the western portion of the district. Nashik brings to you the very first ultra run, running into the birth place of God Hanuman called Anjaneri. It is an enervating and strenuous testing race that will ask you to show all your skills and stamina. Anjaneri has 108 jain caves that are found there belonging to 11th and 12th century. The mountain gains an elevation of 1280m. The mountain starts from climbing the steps and crossing trails that narrows down to 6.7 inches which is bit of dangerous but easily connecting to the next level. The trail passes between two hills that leads to the caves and after continuing it leads to the birth place to Hanuman.

It’s is for the first time in the history of nashik that it will be experiencing such an extreme sport of mountain running into the trials and terrain of Anjenari where the inclination exceeds gradually and the climbing difficulties is not above the Grade 1.This marathon will be an estimable experience for everyone. It will provide a sense of effervescent amidst of nature and solitaire. The marathon is designed to explore your sporting skills and abilities and at the same time collecting the food for thoughts. 
” Find your veracity and juvenile yourself”
Come meet us at the finish line.Don’t just spectate, let’s explore together